Are you thinking about making your archives more accessible to digital audiences, but don’t know where to start?

If so, then you’ll be excited to hear about a platform we’ve developed that enables you to share your collections online. It provides innovative ways to capture metadata, commercialise your archives and engage new audiences.

Corals is a photo sharing platform that has been specifically designed for museums, archives, libraries, in fact any organisation wanting to share its collections digitally.

Corals is a ‘white label’ site, meaning that different organisations can license a version, adding their own logos, brand colours and content. This also enables you to get a website for a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch. Prices start from £8,500 with a typical cost of £14,500.

Our Team

The team behind Corals is comprised of technologists, archivists and even a BAFTA winning TV director for good measure. We have one thing common, which is we all love bringing the past to life. We want to do some good, support the sector and make heritage content more accessible to wider audiences. It’s also a privilege to get to see so many amazing archive collections.

The Corals family

Here are some of the websites that make up the Corals family. They are examples of public facing websites that are built on the Corals Platform.

Inspire Culture, Learning and Libraries

Library of Birmingham

Wenlock Olympian Society

Ripon Civic Society

Let’s build something together.

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