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The Corals service is available to all archives, museums libraries and galleries. We generate enhanced metadata for your archives by using a mix of human interaction coupled with technology to add descriptive and emotional keywords to each image. If you are interested in joining us please read more or contact us at By adding both descriptive keywords and emotional metadata on top of existing archive level metadata, your images become more easily searched online through the use of words and phrases that are common starting points for people in this digital age. Powered by a semantic tree of connecting variable and linked words Corals keyworders trained and based in the UK process the images in three stages:


  • Archive Data - the keyworders review existing archive data and use this data to populate the primary fields title, filename, description and date
  • Descriptive Data - keyworders then add enhanced metadata - giving details of not just what they see in the image, but using the semantic keyword tree - related words, categories and alternate spellings, phrases and slang i.e. 'pub' prompts 'bar' and 'public house'
  • Emotional Data - adding emotional metadata captures more than just the description, and promotes deeper, more meaningful searches.

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