The Problem

Who we are

The Library of Birmingham is developing Corals - a service that adds enhanced metadata to photography archive.

Making images searchable - why?

Image search online relies on powerful, robust and relevant metadata, using keywords to describe exactly what is in an image. This enhanced metadata is essential to help users find what they are looking for.

Typically, as archive images are digitised, a small portion of metadata is added to ensure these images are catalogued and stored.

But, is this small amount of metadata sufficient to support online image search in this digital age?

At the Library of Birmingham, we understand that our photography archive needs enhanced metadata to enable images to be discovered more easily online. With the aim of making thousands of photos accessible and searchable by adding enhanced metadata, Corals is born.

What is Corals?


This site demonstrates the power of adding robust and relevant metadata to existing archive data, which the images already hold, to revolutionise online search. The data we add on through the Corals service includes both descriptive and emotional words - promoting easy discovery on-line using search terms that are common starting points for people in this digital age.


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